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rice bowls
made fresh

Salads have copped a bad rap on taste for too long. Banana Blossom reinvented the conventional side salad by combining Asian-inspired flavours with local, fresh ingredients, offering delicious and nourishing food that’s made to order.

Banana Blossom concept has now grown to multiple stores located across Sydney. And the good news is we’re just getting started!

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... is integral to everything we do - providing a truckload of tastiness that's nutritious and affordable. With daily visits to Sydney Markets and local thirst quenchers filling the fridge, this place is far from your typical fast food chain.

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what's in it

Banana Blossom is serious about food. Using free range eggs, sourcing premium salad mixes and using authentic Asian ingredients are just a few of our promises to you. We will never compromise on taste to increase our profits. We try to stay away from your usual, banal salad leaves and instead use a broad range of tasty leaves with complex nutritional values to give your salad that extra something special. Our impressive menu caters for vegetarians and vegans, and also has a whole host of yummy gluten free options. It’s fair to say there’s something for everyone.

In order to remove the need for pesticides on salad, our suppliers use bugs as a bio defense. The salads are washed several times before being served but you may still find a little critter every now and again. They aren’t dangerous and they won’t bite.

We think they’re much cuter than nasty chemicals.

top secret

The Dressings – Maybe the most raved about component of the salads, these deliciously addictive drizzlers are an enigma in themselves.

With complex, authentic flavours tailor made to the ingredients of their salad counterpart, you won’t find anything like this in the supermarket.

But don’t be fooled, with only four people in on the recipes, the imitators don’t come close.

pure hotness

Sitting in an inconspicuous little red pot, you’d be forgiven for thinking this chilli mix could hardly cause a tingle on the tongue. Quite to the contrary, this mix of habanero and Thai chilies, marinated in rice vinegar is pure, unadulterated fire. A constant source of entertainment to staff and known to cause sweating, swearing and can even be used as cheap alternative to collagen (cue the chilli-pout), this little monkey should be approached with care.

Despite its fiery traits, it is strangely addictive with a complex and delicious flavour. We advise only a smidgen for newcomers.


make some green

Banana Blossom is a premium QSR (quick-service restaurant) that combines authentic Asian flavours with a modern, fresh take on food-on-the-go. Since creating their first Asian inspired salad back in 2003, the Banana Blossom concept has now grown to multiple stores located across NSW and recently QLD.


And the good news is we’re just getting started!

Nat and Ben are now seeking enthusiastic and likeminded owner-operators to ride this wave of success with them.


syd '03

Husband and wife, Nat and Ben Thomas, are the entrepreneurs and founders behind Banana Blossom. Over the past 15 years, the couple have been on a mission to reinvent salad by combining authentic Asian flavours with fresh local ingredients to bring their customers a truckload of tasty.


Nat was born and raised in Thailand before moving to Australia in the mid 90s while Ben spent twenty years as a chef in some of Sydney’s most reputable restaurants (including his own) perfecting Asian cooking. Since creating their first Asian inspired salad back in 2003, the Banana Blossom concept has now grown to multiple stores located across NSW and recently QLD. 



Our salads, rice bowls and rice paper rolls are a combination of Asian-inspired flavours and fresh Aussie ingredients that will have you coming back for more.

Our dressings are the true heroes of our salads, recipes are top secret. However you can learn more about the rich history of our famous Triple Chilli dressing recipe which dates back centuries. Banana Blossom founder Nat’s great grandmother was serving up our famous Triple Chilli dressing more than 100 years ago in the village of Nakhon Si Thammarat in South Thailand.

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